Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

PENTA’s activities and main interest is to preserve this environment, which is necessary for our long-term business existence.

In order to minimize the environmental impacts of our operations, we are committed to prevent pollution through the following objectives.

Reducing the consumption of the resources to the minimum levels.

Complying with all environmental applicable laws, legislations, regulations and standards. We will also collaborate with the authorities, customers, suppliers and with other companies of the sector to develop standards and practical guidelines aimed at protecting natural resources, and the environment.

Reducing waste generation and contamination of air, water and land. We will also ensure that unavoidable waste is disposed in a safe and environmental friendly way.

Adopting new technologies, when available, which enable us to fulfil our environmental objectives.

Making all of our employees aware of the environmental impacts of their activities and the requirements of this policy.

Undertaking reviews to ensure compliance with this policy and the continuous improvement of PENTA environmental performance.

Considering environmental effects in business planning, decisions and choice of suppliers.

With the active participation of all employees, who are individually and collectively responsible for our performance, and through the commitment of continuous improvement and management by objectives of the environmental performance, we will publish this policy together with the details of our environmental performance, as a part of PENTA’s Annual Report. They will be available to any interested party or member of the public upon request.

Briefly , our Environmental Policy is; “To be recognized as an environmentally conscious company through its actions.”