Other Policies

Other Policies

Anti-Competitive Practices Policy

Penta Electronics believes in the importance of promoting healthy competition. Penta Electronics is committed to supporting fair competition and complying with all relevant competition laws and regulations in all the markets it operates in.

Principles of Penta Electronics' Anti-Competitive Practices Policy:

1. Price Fixing: Penta Electronics prohibits agreements among competitors to fix, increase, or maintain prices at a certain level. We believe that prices should be determined by the market and not through cooperation among competitors.

2. Bid Rigging: Penta Electronics prohibits bid rigging. We are against activities that involve offering non-competitive bids or manipulating the bidding process to eliminate competition. We advocate for fair competition and believe that the best bid should be based on merit.

3. Market Allocation: Penta Electronics prohibits market allocation and does not support agreements among competitors to divide markets or customers. We believe that customers should have the freedom to choose among all available competition.

4. Tying: Penta Electronics prohibits tying arrangements, where a customer is required to purchase one product in order to buy another product from a supplier. We believe that customers should be able to purchase products based on their own preferences.

5. Exclusive Agreements: Penta Electronics prohibits exclusive agreements and does not support agreements between a supplier and a customer that prevent the customer from purchasing products from the supplier's competitors. We believe that customers should have the freedom to choose among all available competition.

Penta Electronics will not tolerate any violation of this policy and will promptly intervene if any employee or supplier is found to be in violation, being aware of the legal and administrative consequences that such violations may entail.

As Penta Electronics, we are committed to conducting all our business activities in compliance with laws and ethical values. The purpose of our Anti-Competitive Practices Policy is to support fair competition in a competitive market and take all necessary measures to succeed in this endeavor.


Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Penta Electronics is committed to making all necessary efforts to prevent illegal money laundering activities in all its operations. The Anti-Money Laundering Policy establishes the measures to be implemented by the company to assess and prevent money laundering risks.

The following provisions constitute our Anti-Money Laundering Policy, strictly prohibiting the following behaviors by Penta Electronics:

1. Source Verification: Penta Electronics commits to taking all necessary steps to verify the sources of its customers' funds.

2. Risk Assessment: Penta Electronics conducts regular risk assessments to identify potential money laundering risks associated with its customers. By determining risk levels, additional measures should be taken for high-risk customers.

3. Monitoring and Reporting: Penta Electronics regularly monitors customer activities and looks for indicators of illegal money laundering activities. When signs of illegal activities are observed, they are reported to the appropriate authorities.

4. Staff Training: Penta Electronics provides training to its employees on recognizing and taking measures against illegal money laundering activities. Increasing awareness among staff members enhances the company's effectiveness in combating money laundering activities.

5. Confidentiality of Customer Information: Penta Electronics securely stores customer information and only discloses it when required by legal obligations. Ensuring the security of customer information is important for protecting their privacy rights.

Penta Electronics commits to the implementation of the Anti-Money Laundering Policy by all its employees and immediate intervention in case of any violations.


Climate Change Policy

As Penta Electronics, we acknowledge our responsibility in combating climate change, and therefore, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and embrace a sustainable business model within our company.

Commitments of Penta Electronics' Climate Change Policy:

1. Energy Efficiency: Penta Electronics makes efforts to ensure energy efficiency in all its operations. We commit to using energy-efficient devices in our buildings and providing training to all employees on energy conservation.

2. Waste Management: Penta Electronics takes measures for proper segregation and recycling of all waste. We track waste reduction and recycling goals.

3. Sustainable Material Usage: Penta Electronics endeavors to use sustainable materials in its supply chain. We strive to produce our products in the most sustainable way possible.

4. Employee Awareness: Penta Electronics encourages all employees to raise awareness about climate change and contribute to its mitigation.

5. Supply Chain Management: Penta Electronics strives to source sustainable products and materials from our suppliers and plans not to work with suppliers who do not adhere to sustainability principles.

6. Carbon Footprint Reduction: Penta Electronics takes various measures to reduce its carbon footprint and continuously strives to achieve sustainability goals.

Penta Electronics commits to the implementation of the Climate Change Policy by all its employees and its continuous updating.


Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Policy

Penta Electronics is committed to respecting human rights and preventing discrimination. This policy outlines all measures to be taken by the company to create a workplace that respects human rights.

The following provisions are part of our Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Policy, which strictly prohibits behaviors by Penta Electronics:


1. Equal Employment Opportunity: Penta Electronics provides equal employment opportunities to all job applicants and does not discriminate during the recruitment process. Any form of discrimination based on factors such as race, gender, age, religion, or disability is strictly prohibited.

2. Equal Pay and Working Conditions: Penta Electronics ensures equal pay and working conditions for all employees. Without any form of discrimination, employee salaries and working conditions will be equal.

3. Respect for Human Rights: Penta Electronics respects all human rights and takes all necessary measures to prevent human rights violations.

4. Education and Awareness: Penta Electronics provides regular training to all employees on respecting human rights and preventing discrimination. High awareness of human rights and anti-discrimination fosters a workplace environment that respects human rights.

5. Customer Relations: Penta Electronics pledges to respect human rights and prevent discrimination when serving all customers. Any form of discrimination based on factors such as race, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity is strictly prohibited.

Penta Electronics commits to the implementation of the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Policy by all its employees and immediate intervention in case of any violations.


Whistleblowing Policy

At Penta Electronics, we implement a whistleblowing policy to promote transparency and honesty, and to ensure that all our employees adhere to the ethical and legal standards of our company.

Commitments of Penta Electronics' Whistleblowing Policy:

1. Reporting Mechanism: Penta Electronics provides a secure and confidential mechanism for all employees to report any ethical and legal violations that may occur within the company. The reporting can be done in writing or verbally, and all disclosures will be kept confidential.

2. Evaluation of Reports: Penta Electronics takes all reports seriously and thoroughly investigates all complaints, providing an appropriate response. Our company guarantees that all reports will be kept confidential and that employees will not be penalized in any way.

3. Prevention of Violations: Penta Electronics takes necessary measures to prevent violations identified through reports. Our company regularly provides training to all employees on adhering to ethical and legal standards.

4. Protection of Whistleblowers: Penta Electronics guarantees that whistleblowers will not face any form of retaliation. Our company takes necessary precautions to ensure the safety of whistleblowers.

5. Monitoring of Reports: Penta Electronics records and monitors all reports in an appropriate manner. Our company regularly publishes reports to track the progress and resolution of issues based on the received reports.

Penta Electronics is committed to the implementation of the Whistleblowing Policy by all employees and to its continuous updates.


Anti-Corruption Policy

PENTA Inc., while embracing a zero-tolerance commitment against bribery and corruption, prohibits all forms of bribery and corruption, whether direct or indirect. PENTA employees and/or third parties are not allowed to tolerate any acts of bribery or corruption in their relationships with PENTA.

Our managers and all employees are obliged to comply with this policy, relevant legal regulations, and all anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws in force while carrying out their duties. Ignorance of the rules stated in this policy will not be accepted as an excuse for violation.

In case of violation of the anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy, disciplinary actions, which may result in the termination of employment, can be considered depending on the nature of the incident. In addition, individuals who fail to comply with relevant legal regulations and anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws in force may face criminal liability.

Employees will not be subject to any changes in their seniority or position or be subjected to any similar negative consequences (disciplinary action, termination, etc.) for refusing to participate in a bribery or corruption incident, reporting actual or attempted bribery and corruption activities, or expressing their concerns. They will not be disadvantaged or put in a disadvantageous position.

If any of our employees experience the above-mentioned treatment due to their report, it is necessary to notify the communication channels specified in this policy.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Reporting Hotline: +90 216 593 44 55

Email: info@pentaelektronik.com


Corporate Responsibility Policy

The fundamental purpose of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is to consider acting with a sense of social responsibility as one of the fundamental elements of our management approach in all our activities.

PENTA's Corporate Responsibility Policy is evaluated in a way that demonstrates PENTA's responsibility towards its stakeholders, both in the region where our factory is located and throughout the country. Therefore, our "sustainability" approach and "corporate social responsibility" practices are addressed as a whole in line with establishing a value chain with suppliers and all stakeholders.

In order to create sustainable impacts in supported or to-be-supported social responsibility projects, attention is given to the projects being long-term and providing societal benefits, as well as delivering lasting value.

Efforts are made to manage social, environmental, economic, and ethical issues and to be sensitive to social stakeholder expectations in these areas. Within this scope, the priority objectives in the field of social responsibility are:

• Managing risks effectively and continuously improving all processes, • Working with the principle of zero accidents in occupational health and safety,

• Increasing company performance and production efficiency,

• Encouraging employee active participation and providing an open communication environment,

• Efficient use of energy, preserving environmental balance and natural resources,

 • Increasing stakeholders' knowledge and social awareness of climate change,

 • Pursuing a sustainable environmental management policy based on national environmental legislation, relevant environmental standards, and the best technologies in this field,

• Ensuring information security and business continuity in all activities,

• Complying with national and international legal requirements,

• Managing relationships with stakeholders in a transparent manner and with consensus, • Ensuring continuity in customer satisfaction,

• Developing suppliers in line with sustainability practices,

• Transparently sharing practices of sustainable environmental policies with the public,

• Presenting Corporate Social Responsibility activities to stakeholders in line with Company strategies, objectives, and priorities, Adopting the principles of Corporate Governance as a corporate culture, including ethical values and the fight against corruption.