Research And Development

Research And Development

Our R&D Department provides the services of electronic circuit/product design; prototyping; design, manufacturing and development of the software and hardware for the test systems used in our production lines in their electronics laboratories with the help of their technical background and know-how thanks to the experience of nearly 30 years.  

The design of a product may vary depending on the production technology that will be used in that production. For products that are designed by our customers, our R&D team provides engineering consultancy that will improve production of the product by offering solutions that will increase the quality, performance and productability of the product, while decreasing the cost.

Testability is among the most important criteria when designing an electronic circuit/product. Testing processes may require large periods of time during the production process, increasing their effect on the cost of the product. We provide engineering solutions that will improve the product quality and performance and reduce the testing cost by developing appropriate testing strategies.  All of the testing systems used in our production lines are fast, highly sensitive and accurate. They are all developed and produced in Penta Elektronik R&D Laboratories.